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We aim to expand potential for excellence in financial decision making by offering readers a wide range of possible outcomes to consider along with meaningful probabilities and analysis. We offer a combination of philosophy, method, scope and sharpness of thought, which is without parallel in the world of investment and more broadly financial advice.

About Us

Dr. Brendan Brown

Brendan Brown is senior fellow at Hudson Institute and associate scholar at Mises Institute. He is a columnist for Nikkei Veritas and a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV and Radio.

As a leading monetary economist his areas of special expertise include the Federal Reserve and its influences on global monetary conditions, Austrian monetary tradition, European monetary integration, Japanese monetary issues, the global flow of capital and international financial history. 

Dr. Brown has developed techniques of market analysis during a long career in international financing including the role of chief economist at Mitsubishi (UFJ) Financial Group (NYSE: MUFG) based in London.

He has published many books on international financial topics including most recently (2018) “The Case Against 2 percent inflation” (Palgrave). His academic research is also published in journal articles.

He received a PhD (University of London), MBA (University of Chicago). MSc (London School of Economics), and MA (University of Cambridge)

Keith Altman
Keith Altman

Macro Strategy

Keith Altman joins Monetary Scenarios from Berlin having spent several years advising both individuals and institutions on global capital markets. As a macro enthusiast and commentator, Mr. Altman has always enjoyed writing and publicly sharing original ideas in the belief that transparency and integrity are necessary parts of helping clients achieve long-term financial success. 

Over many years, Keith maintained a close working relationship with Brendan Brown starting with their collaboration at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities USA where they jointly held seminars and meetings with key clients. Before moving to Germany, Keith spent the first twelve years of his career in New York as a member of various institutional fixed- income sales teams. 

Mr. Altman graduated cum laude from Union College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1998. While at Union, Mr. Altman was a member of the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honors Society in Economics and was a Joseph Ushkow Scholarship Recipient in recognition of scholastic achievement and leadership in enrichment of campus life.