Professor Emeritus
Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

Brendan Brown, PhD, is one of the world’s leading monetary theorists. He is senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and associate scholar at Mises Institute. He is a columnist for Nikkei Veritas and a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV and Radio. Brown is a monetary economist whose areas of special expertise include Austrian monetary tradition, European monetary integration, Japanese monetary issues, the global flow of capital and international financial history. He has developed techniques of market analysis during a long career in international financing including the role of chief economist at Mitsubishi (UFJJ) International Finance. He has published many books on international financial topics including most recently (2018) “The Case Against 2 per cent inflation” (Palgrave). He received a PhD from University of London and MBA from University of Chicago.

Dr. Brown has begun a new publication, “Monetary Scenarios,” the inaugural issue of which is below. To receive further mailings, contact him directly at brendanbrown@monetaryscenarios.com.